Verifying that a mocked method have been called with Moq

public void It_Should_Call_The_Number_Generator_Service()
    var result = _numbersProvider.GetNumbersCollection(10);
    //We are checking that the GetNumber()
    //method has been called exactely 10 times
    _numberGeneratorServiceMock.Verify(m => m.GetNumber(It.IsAny<int>(), It.IsAny<int>()),
    //We can also check that the mocked method
    //has been called with the desired parameters
    _numberGeneratorServiceMock.Verify(m => m.GetNumber(It.Is<int>(min => min == 1), It.Is<int>(max => max == 10)),

Is possible to reset the calls on a mock object by calling the ResetCalls() method. In this way is possible to test it again against a different condition.


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