Node JS – REST calls with ES6 Promises + Co JS Module

Here is an example of factory that creates an httpService to communicate with an external API with REST. We are using the npm module “request” to perform the HTTP calls. We are using as well ECMAScript 6 classes and promises, as long as the npm module “co”, that allows us to take advantage on the ES6 generators to await for async elaborations that returns a promise.

"use strict";

var request = require("request-promise");
var co = require("co");

class HttpService {
     constructor(baseUri) {
          this.baseUri = baseUri;

     call(options) {
          var self = this;

          console.log("Calling", self.baseUri + options.uri + "..");

          return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
               co(function* () {
                    try {
                         var data = yield request({
                              uri: self.baseUri + options.uri,
                              method: options.method,
                              headers: options.headers,
                              form: options.postData,
                              json: true
                    } catch (err) {
                         if ( == "StatusCodeError") {
                              console.log("ERROR: returned status code was", err.message);
                         } else {
                              console.log("ERROR:", err.message);

module.exports = {
     make: function (baseUri) {
          return new HttpService(baseUri);

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