Comparing XML with XMLDiff

var xmldiff = new XmlDiff(
    XmlDiffOptions.IgnoreChildOrder | XmlDiffOptions.IgnoreNamespaces
    | XmlDiffOptions.IgnorePrefixes | XmlDiffOptions.IgnoreWhitespace);
var newXml = new XmlDocument(); newXml.LoadXml(newDoc.ToString());
var newNode = newXml.SelectSingleNode("myNode");
var prevXml = new XmlDocument(); prevXml.LoadXml(prevDoc.ToString());
var prevNode = prevXml.SelectSingleNode("myNode");
var stringWriter = new StringWriter();
var xmlWriter = new XmlTextWriter(stringWriter);
if (!xmldiff.Compare(prevNode, newNode, xmlWriter))
    //Get the differences
    var diffXml = new XmlDocument();

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