Parsing and Evaluating a Meta-Language

With this functions I can parse/evaluate a simple meta-language that accepts commands on this format:


The parsing engine automatically replace each command with its result (“” by default) over the evaluated string. Is of course possible, as well, to perform custom operations before to return the result.

//Metalanguage evaluation
//Syntax: [@<funcName>(<funcParam>)] or [@<funcName>]
function evaluateMetalanguage(html) {
    var mlRegExp = /\[\@(\w+)(\((.*?(?=\)\]))\))?\]/i;
    var mlMatch = mlRegExp.exec(html);
    while (mlMatch != null) {
        var match = mlMatch[0];
        var funcName = mlMatch[1];
        var funcParam = mlMatch.length > 3 ? mlMatch[3] : null;
        html = evaluateMLFunction(html, match, funcName, funcParam);
        mlMatch = mlRegExp.exec(html);
    return html;
function evaluateMLFunction(html, match, funcName, funcParam) {
    var result = "";
    switch (funcName.toLowerCase()) {
        case "function1":
            result = "...";
        case "function2":
    return html.replace(match, result);

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