Angular JS – ngRepeat with control variables

Within an ng-repeat directive I can have various information about the status of the loop.To access these informations Angular provides a set of special variables (with prefix “$”). I can also use the ng-class-event/ng-class-odd to have an alternating style through the rows.

<h3>Display data in a table</h3>
    <tr ng-repeat="place in places | orderBy : 'Country'" ng-class-even="'even'" ng-class-odd="'odd'">
        <td>{{place.Country | uppercase}}</td>

I can also use an expression to determine the class name within the ng-class directive. This can be don using the {…} inside the directive value. For example, if I want to have a particular class just for even rows I can write a similar expression:

ng-class="{'even': $index % 2 == 0}"

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